Optimized Media Buying

Buying media efficiently is one of the most useful levers businesses have in meeting cost-per-action (CPA) goals for TV. Moving beyond the traditional ways of accessing TV inventory can yield significant cost savings.

We've built relationships with premium CTV publishers and pulled that inventory into the tvScientific platform, giving performance marketers cost-effective access to high-quality inventory on the big screen.

Curated Premium CTV Inventory

To help you run CTV ad campaigns on brand-safe curated inventory built from high-quality publishers and streaming apps, the tvScientific platform provides access to inventory on a superset of the best long-form, lean back, professionally produced CTV content.

- Full Screen
- HD Resolution
- Non-skippable
- 6, 10, 15, and 30 seconds

Bring Your Own Supply Deals

More experienced businesses with CTV inventory deals in place can leverage the tvScientific platform to measure the impact on CTV investment.

To get started connecting your deal ID directly to the platform, reach out to our managed service team to launch your Private Marketplace and use the tvScientific attribution platform to measure the outcomes.