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We believe TV has an enormous power to enable any business to reach the right customers and generate growth. We custom built a platform for CTV advertising so businesses of all sizes would be hugely successful in measuring and achieving their performance goals - whether that’s to drive a purchase or an install.

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Trust is a must

We believe that in order for marketers to adopt any platform, they must trust that platform. And there is a clear formula for trust in digital marketing that revolves around massive data, radical transparency, and control: Trust = Data x Transparency x Control

tvScientific was co-founded by senior executives with deep roots in search, programmatic advertising, digital media, and ad verification. Our platform, therefore, provides powerful attribution capabilities, real-time reporting, automated optimization and built-in, always-on testing - critical features that allow performance marketers to put TV back in their marketing playbooks and achieve enormous success.



As a platform for performance marketers, everything tvScientific builds is backed by industry-leading research and data-driven analysis. From day one, we equip customers with built-in outcome studies to prove CTV impact and optimize their multi-channel campaigns.

And tvScience goes beyond reporting — it's built into our roadmap and product development: Whether we're innovating on dynamic IP matching for accurate measurement or auto-optimizing campaigns for any objective, using tvScience means getting the highest-quality conversion technology available in TV today.


Values_Big Thinkers

Big Thinkers

We believe in setting audacious goals and envisioning transformative change.

Values_Radical Transparency

Radically Transparent

We value transparency in all aspects of our business. We foster a culture of open communication, honesty, and accountability.

Values_Performance Obsessed


We are passionate about achieving exceptional results, striving for excellence in everything we do.



We embrace the power of data, science, and technology as crucial drivers of our success.

Values_Trust Builders

Trust Builders

We prioritize building and nurturing trust with our stakeholders.

Values_Forever Students

Forever Students

Challenge assumptions to look for solutions. We create a psychologically safe environment for experiments and risk-taking.


Meet our leadership team

Jason Fairchild

Co-Founder + CEO

David Koye

Co-Founder + CPO

Bill Gross


Kent Wakeford

Co-Founder + Board Member

Chris Riedy


Sarah Chafer

VP, Revenue

Chris Johnson

VP of Technology 

Emily Robinson

VP of Marketing 

Michael Burke

VP of Finance 

Ashley Parducci

Head of Customer Insights & Measurement

Sumito Ahuja

VP Revenue Strategy & Ops

Dell Wilkinson

VP Business Development + Partnerships

Matthew Janusz

VP Performance & Yield

Our Investors

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Get the latest CTV news and stay up-to-date on stats and trends!

Meet our data science advisory board

Gary Flake

Search & Data Scientist

Tom Weiss

CTO + Chief Data Scientist, Marketcast

Andrew Cron

SVP & Chief Scientist at 84.51º


David Pennock

Director of DIMACS Center 

Patrice Simard

CEO & Co-Founder at Intelus

Scott Rickard

Chief Data Scientist at Citadel LLC

Meet our advisors

John Gentry

CEO, OpenX

Qasim Saifee

CMO, ZipRecruiter

Tom Chavez

Co-Founder + CEO, Ketch

Grant Gittlin

CGO, MediaLink

Joe Hirsch

CEO, SpringServe

Paul Ryan

CTO, OpenX

Mike Shehan

Founder + CTO, SpotX

Craig Kostelic

Chief Business Officer, Condé Naste 

Michael Collette

Founder + CEO, MediaTech Strategies IV

Field Garthwaite

Co-Founder + CEO, IrisTV

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