About Us

Introducing tvScientific

We believe TV has an enormous power to enable any business to reach the right customers and generate growth. We set out to build a platform custom built for CTV advertising so businesses of all sizes would be hugely successful in measuring and achieving their performance goals - whether that’s to drive a purchase or an install.

We believe that in order for marketers to adopt any platform, they must trust that platform. And there is a clear formula for trust in digital marketing that revolves around massive data, radical transparency, and control: Trust = Data x Transparency x Control

tvScientific was co-founded by senior executives with deep roots in search, programmatic advertising, digital media, and ad verification. Our platform, therefore, provides powerful attribution capabilities, real-time reporting, automated optimization and built-in, always-on testing - critical features that allow performance marketers to put TV back in their marketing playbooks and achieve enormous success.


Meet our leadership team

Jason Fairchild

Co-Founder + CEO

David Koye

Co-Founder + CPO

Bill Gross


Kent Wakeford

Co-Founder + Board Member

Shannon Jessup


Dell Wilkinson

VP Business Development + Partnerships

Ashley Parducci

VP Client Success


Matthew Janusz

VP Performance & Yield


Marcella Churchill

VP Marketing

Meghan McAdams

VP Sales 

Our Investors

Norwest White
NBCU White
IdeaLab White
Aperiam Ventures White

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Meet our data science advisory board

Gary Flake

Search & Data Scientist

Tom Weiss

CTO + Chief Data Scientist, Marketcast

Andrew Cron

SVP & Chief Scientist at 84.51º

David Pennock

Director of DIMACS Center 

Patrice Simard

CEO & Co-Founder at Intelus

Scott Rickard

Chief Data Scientist at Citadel LLC

Meet our advisors

John Gentry

CEO, OpenX

Qasim Saifee

CMO, ZipRecruiter

Tom Chavez

Co-Founder + CEO, Ketch

Grant Gittlin

CGO, MediaLink

Joe Hirsch

CEO, SpringServe


Paul Ryan

CTO, OpenX

Mike Shehan

Founder + CTO, SpotX


Craig Kostelic

Chief Business Officer, Condé Naste 


Michael Collette

Founder + CEO, MediaTech Strategies IV


Field Garthwaite

Co-Founder + CEO, IrisTV

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