Don’t have TV-quality creative?

Or maybe there's a time crunch, and you need multiple versions of an ad with all the digital bells and whistles? We’ve got you covered.

Our creative lab streamlines the process of building eye catching ads, proven to increase performance. You can even create multiple versions of your CTV ad to optimize to your desired business outcome... the same way you're used to doing on platforms like Google and Facebook.

Here's how our lab helps you build better-performing ads

1. Evaluate category creative on social media
2. Identify best performing creatives
3. Identify common components of best performing videos
4. Produce 5-10 versions of new creatives, using best performing attributes of competitor videos
5. Test against live Facebook and CTV audiences
6. Identify best performing versions of ads/creatives, and scale to CTV + Linear

Here are some best practices to consider when building CTV creative

- Adopt an Audience First Strategy
- Grab Attention Early
- Craft a Narrative
- Always Feature Core Offerings and Values
- Explore Different Styles
- Repurpose Content
- Implement a Clear CTA
- Conduct Creative Testing