tvScientific Reporting Dashboard

Despite TVs getting smarter and more connected, the way CTV ad campaigns are measured is limited, with measurement primarily used to extend reach versus measuring and optimizing to attain business results. tvScientific proves the value of CTV advertising investment so businesses can understand how CTV performs and the halo effect it has on other digital channels.

The tvScientific platform lets you view total conversions attributed to CTV ad campaign delivery and total traffic associated with CTV ad campaign delivery within the defined attribution window, sorted by referring source (e.g., search and social).

Google Analytics Integrated Traffic Reports

Our direct integration into Google Analytics highlights second screen traffic and subsequent online actions helping you understand the halo effect CTV advertising performance has on other digital channels.

Reporting includes post-CTV ad campaign traffic labeled and sorted by referring source (e.g., search and social) and standard Google Analytics metric and dimensions for analysis.

Here is a brief sample of the kinds of performance metrics you can draw from a campaign bought through the tvScientific platform.

Post Impression Game Activation

Completion (standard delivery)


Post Impression Purchase

Post Impression Website Visit

Delivery (at the household exposure level)


Post Impression App Download

But for marketers focused on driving leads, sales, and downloads, those are just table stakes. We're using science to make CTV perform better for businesses, which means delivering even more sophisticated and usable CTV campaign measurement.