Supercharge Your Holiday Sales with Performance-Based CTV

A Bigger and Better Audience Than Social 

CTV has an unparalleled potential to boost your holiday sales—and not just because its growing audiences mean better reach for your brand. CTV is a true performance channel and its advanced measurement capabilities allow for greater accuracy in tracking actual sales and ROAS.

Get insights, strategies and real-world examples from tvScientific leaders to help you unlock the power of CTV to see a new level of success in your holiday marketing. You’ll find out:

  • Why CTV advertising offers a broader reach and more precise targeting than social advertising

  • How CTV captures viewers' attention in a more immersive and uninterrupted manner than other digital advertising formats

  • Strategies to leverage advanced tracking technologies to monitor impressions, viewability, completion rates and ROAS more accurately

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Featured Speakers


Ashley Parducci
Head of Insights & Measurement at tvScientific

Jonathan Watkins
Head of Customer Operations at tvScientific

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