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  • Reach and engage a larger audience 
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  • Measure the true impact of CTV 

"CTV works, not just as an awareness play but to actually drive conversions ROAS is double that for Facebook and Instagram and even more than double for Tiktok."

"All VOD is not created equal. Understanding the various delivery mechanisms and how to measure performance between them has been an important part of our success with CTV media buying."

Elevate your CTV campaigns with tvScientific's performance advertising platform

  • Streamline media buying

  • Premium partnerships

  • Sophisticated measurement

  • Self-serve account access


Maximize your reach and targeting

Access our curated TV inventory directly through the tvScientific platform. Tap into our 15k unique targeting segments or build a retargeting audience.


Access to the best CTV companies

tvScientific is partnered with prominent connected TV companies. Our current list includes NBC Universal, Hulu, Pluto, Tubi, Univision.

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TV Ads with Accurate Attribution

One-to-one attribution is the norm on search and social, so why not CTV? tvScientific's multi-touch attribution and always-on incrementally testing makes ROAS a given.


Launch CTV Ads in Minutes

In addition to our managed service offering, we also offer self-serve access to the full power of the tvScientific platform. Launch campaigns in minutes with no minimum spend.

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