Wildlife Studios Drove Higher Installs at under $5 CPIs

With tv Scientific's Performance Advertising Platform and Always-On Incrementality

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01 Campaign Objectives

Wildlife Studios, one of the largest mobile gaming companies globally,  wanted to expand their marketing efforts into CTV to drive performance. They were looking for a partner that would not only drive installs but keep customer acquisition costs low- below $5 CPI. 

02 Solution

Wildlife Studios worked closely with our managed team  to use tvScientific’s platform to build a successful campaign strategy. 

Wildlife Studios quickly defined targeting from 3rd party sources with over 15K unique segments  to reach their specific audience – males 18-45 interested in action, war games and movies.

tvScientific’s creative team built a series of CTV ready ad units using existing creative assets to ensure they engage properly with this audience.  

Wildlife Studios took advantage of tvScientific’s platform to control attribution windows initially testing a 1 day attribution window to directionally help them understand the value of their advertising touch points across the user journey. 


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Total Growth



CPI Goal

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48 Hour CPI

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03 Results

tvScientific’s  proprietary automatic campaign optimization technology and highly granular reporting very quickly helped hone in on most performant inventory to drive CPIs to under $1 - exceeding their goal of $5 CPIs. 

By controlling attribution windows and view last click attribution reporting, they were able to optimize for 2 day attribution windows and better compare CTV’s performance vs. their other channels.  

TVS Always-on Incrementality testing feature  provided additional insights into the exact incremental value of CTV campaign, giving WS further confidence that their investment was driving net new installs. 

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The tvScientific team was invaluable in helping us navigate a new media buying channel with CTV to reach our goal of finding high quality players, cost effectively.

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