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Search and social are the dominant online marketing channels because they perform. But these channels inevitably hit plateaus due to pricing or scalability issues. Where do you invest after paid search and social media channels max out?

All performance advertising revolves around granular measurement and attribution of media spent to determine the ROI of each media channel. tvScientific brings digital-like measurability to CTV, allowing businesses to target, measure, and attribute CTV ad campaigns. Businesses can now optimize each ad dollar on CTV in the same way as digital advertising. This capability, combined with the massive addressable CTV audience, represents the next scalable channel for digital-first performance marketers.


Hands-On CTV Advertising + Attribution Platform

By combining the powerful viewing experience of TV advertising with the interconnectivity of smartTV, tvScientific can help businesses buy and measure CTV advertising performance.

tvScientific is the only CTV platform to offer a direct, hands-on keyboard (self-serve) solution that combines fully optimized media buying with comprehensive measurement and attribution.

Our managed service tier can support resource-constrained growth teams while providing eyes-on access to the tvScientific platform.

It's perfect for digital-first performance businesses.

Numbers Speak Louder Than Words

60% of TV viewership spent on streaming

Consumption of CTV streaming content is at an all-time high

200 million CTV viewers in the US

More US viewers are watching CTV than ever before

80% of US households own a CTV

Connected TV device ownership and adoption is skyrocketing

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