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Easily Execute CTV Campaigns And Measure Performance

Frustrated with high minimum spend levels and confusing CTV buying and attribution processes in the mainstream buying platforms? The tvScientific platform is the first end-to-end purpose-built CTV buying and attribution solution that combines the control of a simple hands-on keyboard execution with advanced measurement and attribution. This allows our agency partners to efficiently execute and measure ROI for CTV campaigns against supply path optimized inventory for maximum cost efficiency– all with no minimum spend levels.

tvScientific is revolutionizing how CTV advertising is measured and attributed by eliminating the need for panels and samples. Through our proprietary CTV attribution process, businesses can now match CTV ad exposure directly to site visitations and outcomes through one simple, integrated platform.


Measure CTV Advertising Impact

Growth-focused businesses haven't been able to use legacy TV as a proper performance channel because it lacks outcome-focused metrics beyond reach and frequency.

Until now, television has been expensive, hard to measure, and even harder to buy. Access has been geared to an exclusive club of national advertisers, and accurate attribution relies on small audience samples and opaque data science methodologies that date back to the 1960s.

That's why we built tvScientific. To create a solution that turns the TV into a dedicated performance marketing platform and allows businesses to optimize real business outcomes.

Numbers speak louder than words

60% of viewership spent on streaming

Consumption of CTV streaming content is at an all-time high

200 million CTV viewers in the US

More US viewers are watching CTV than ever before

80% of households own a CTV

Connected TV device ownership and adoption is skyrocketing

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