CCPA Third-Party Data Addendum

Last Updated: 3-1-23

This CCPA Third-Party Data Addendum (“Third-Party Data Addendum”) applies to the extent Company “shares” or “sells” “personal information” to tvScientific, as such quoted terms are defined under the California Consumer Privacy Act and its associated regulations, each as may be amended from time to time (“CCPA” and such data, “CCPA Data”). This Third-Party Data Addendum supplements the Master Platform Agreement or other product specific terms (collectively, “Applicable Services Terms”) between tvScientific and the customer (“Company”) that executed such Applicable Services Terms. In the event of a conflict between this Third-Party Data Addendum and the Applicable Services Terms, this Third-Party Data Addendum will govern solely to the extent of the conflict. 

  1. Purpose. Company makes CCPA Data available to tvScientific to enable tvScientific to provide Company with the Services and to support, improve, enhance, and customize the Services, develop additional services, and carry out other reasonable business or legal purposes, such as to enforce the Applicable Services Terms or prevent fraud. Any such disclosure by Company to tvScientific is solely for the foregoing purposes.


  1. Compliance with the CCPA. Each of tvScientific and Company will comply with all applicable provisions of the CCPA in relation to its processing of CCPA Data.


  1. Verification. Upon request, tvScientific will provide Company information reasonably necessary to confirm tvScientific’s compliance with respect to the CCPA Data. If Company reasonably suspects that tvScientific is engaging in any unauthorized processing of CCPA Data, the parties will work together in good faith to remedy any allegedly unauthorized processing, and tvScientific will provide documentation it deems reasonably necessary to demonstrate the same.


  1. Notification. In the event tvScientific determines it can no longer satisfy its obligations under this Third-Party Data Addendum with respect to the CCPA Data, tvScientific will notify Company of such determination without undue delay.


  1. Data Concerning Opted Out Users. Company represents and warrants that it will not sell, share, or otherwise disclose to tvScientific personal information about any individuals who have communicated to Company their request to opt out of sales, sharing, or targeted advertising.