Partnerize x tvScientific Integrated Partnership

Incorporate TV ads into your digital mix on a performance-based model through our integrated partnership with Partnerize.

Adapted from Partnerize: Performance marketers are tasked with reaching and engaging their audience with touchpoints across the consumer journey–omnipresence that quickly grows in cost and complexity. While targeting audiences where they already are requires strategic optimization across diverse mediums, historically, television ads have been out of reach for performance marketers. Relying heavily on data to guide their decision-making, TV ads present challenges for performance marketers when it comes to capturing data, measuring outcomes, and making smart optimizations. With the Partnerize x tvScientific integrated partnership, making TV ads a part of your digital mix is turnkey.

tvScientific is the most effective performance CTV platform purpose-built to deliver outcomes. Advertisers using the Partnerize Tag can easily integrate with tvScientific on a performance-based model–a payment structure for 15-30 second TV ads that is exclusive to tvScientific. As a result, advertisers can tap into the growing number of consumers that are making the switch to free streaming options with nearly two-thirds of those watching opting for ad-supported content in favor of low-cost viewership as a part of their partnership marketing mix.

Learn more about the Partnerize x tvScientific integration in Partnerize's quick guide. Or, get in touch with our team to learn more about maximizing the benefits of partnerships at

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