tvScientific Named a Promising Advertising Tech Startup of 2022

Business Insider Asked 12 VCs to Pick the Most Promising Companies — In and Out of Their Portfolios

Business Insider asked 12 VCs, all of whom have made recent investments in ad tech or marketing tech, to pick the most promising companies both in and out of their portfolio. The VCs feedback yielded 19 companies that are delivering new ways to advertise. tvScientific CEO Jason Fairchild is featured with insight into recent investments and why tvScientific made this list of innovators.

tvScientific Determines How Streaming TV ads Performed

Latest round: April 2022
Amount raised: $20 million
Total funding: $23 million

Why tvScientific is on the List

Connected TV performance advertising platform tvScientific made a splash in its launch in 2020. The Los Angeles-based startup works with performance marketers, who buy ads based on their effectiveness.

tvScientific reeled in NBCUniversal as an investor during a $20 million Series A round in April. Together, the companies plan to launch Peacock Ad Manager, Peacock TV’s self-serve programmatic ad buying portal.

Eric Franchi of Aperiam Ventures, an investor since the company’s seed round, said that he believes tvScientific’s tools have made the world of connected TV more accessible for performance marketers.

“Media companies and publishers love them,” Franchi said. “They’re able to target and measure so effectively that brands who are traditionally very focused on Facebook, Instagram, Google - they’re buying TV ads now and seeing incredible ROI.”

Find out more about the tvScientific approach to connected TV performance advertising.

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