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tvScientific Raises $1.5 Million To Make Buying TV Ads Easier For Performance Advertisers

One reason performance advertisers love search advertising is because they can easily see the return on their ad investment. Based on that insight, Jason Fairchild co-founded tvScientific and raised $1.5 million in seed funding from prominent names in ad tech and search advertising.

The platform aims to deterministically link someone seeing a commercial to that same person buying a product. This ability lets marketers only purchase ads that lead to purchases.

“The big opportunity is to do what we did for paid search, back in the day, which is to make this valuable [CTV] marketing channel accessible to millions of marketers that don’t participate in CTV today,” Fairchild said.

TvScientific was co-founded by Bill Gross, founder of GoTo.com, and received funding from IdealabX, Tim Cadogan (OpenX), Tom Chavez (super{set}, Krux), John Gentry (OpenX, Overture) and Kent Wakeford (Integral Ad Science).

Last year, tvScientific started building its tech with a dozen employees and an outsourced development team. It’s been testing with a dozen advertisers since late last year.

Marketers can either activate their ad budget themselves within tvScientific’s platform, or if they can’t or don’t want to self-serve, they can use the vendor’s managed service option. The dashboard presents CTV ad spend in terms of cost per actions. TvScientific charges a transparent fee of roughly 10% to 15%.

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