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The Complete Guide to Full Funnel Marketing

Jan 31, 2024

Jason Fairchild

Co-founder and CEO, tvScientific

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Companies that leverage full funnel marketing strategies are well-positioned to drive growth and earn loyal customers.

Companies that leverage full funnel marketing strategies are well-positioned to drive growth and earn loyal customers

A successful marketing journey should guide prospects through multiple types of customer experience, such as igniting brand awareness, closing a sale, or re-engaging a loyal customer. Each of these experiences often has its own strategy, but a full funnel marketing perspective is vital for brands that want to reach customers at scale, enhance brand visibility, and more. In this guide, we unravel the intricacies of both multiple funnel activities, providing a comprehensive roadmap to navigate the entire customer journey.

Full Funnel Marketing: From Upper to Lower Funnel

Balancing top and bottom funnel content is essential in a digital marketing strategy. Full funnel marketing campaigns typically begin by acquiring leads with top-of-funnel content before guiding them to lower funnel content. Using the ideal strategies for each category is the most effective way to plan and budget campaigns while allocating resources for growth.

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Upper Funnel Marketing

Upper funnel marketing, also known as top-of-funnel marketing, attracts a broad range of potential customers and raises brand awareness. Some common upper funnel strategies include display and video ad campaigns, search engine optimization (SEO), local optimization, and consumer research to develop targeted buyer personas.

The significance of upper funnel marketing lies in its ability to make a strong first impression on an audience. Companies can build on this impression to establish themselves as an industry authority by offering high-value, information-rich content.

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Mid Funnel Marketing

Mid-funnel marketing focuses on potential customers who are aware of a brand, but not ready to purchase. Common strategies usually involve the creation of targeted ads that highlight relevant products and address user concerns. Persuasive and educational ads such as testimonials or product features, can also guide leads through the middle funnel. Filtering leads into segments will also create opportunities for personalized strategies that increase the likelihood of conversion.

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Lower Funnel Marketing

Lower funnel marketing is the pivotal stage where prospects, well-acquainted with a brand, stand on the brink of a purchase decision. This phase transforms leads into satisfied customers, driving revenue growth. Strategies involve retargeting ads, email marketing, and personalized content, addressing specific needs and concerns to finalize sales.

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Sales and Marketing Funnels

Sales and marketing funnels, though distinct, can both play a role in full funnel marketing strategies. Where marketing funnels use social media ads and content marketing to generate leads and create awareness, sales funnels help convert these leads into paying customers.

The main difference lies in goals: marketing funnels generate leads, and sales funnels convert them into customers using personalized approaches. The marketing funnel establishes a brand presence, nurtures leads with information, and builds consumer trust. The sales funnel complements the marketing funnel by finding the right product for each lead, eventually closing a sale.

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The Role of a Brand Awareness Funnel

A brand awareness funnel is a useful model for understanding how customers perceive a company, providing valuable insights for marketers. Where a traditional marketing funnel focuses on selling products, branding funnels communicate an identity that shapes customer perceptions. Utilizing a brand awareness funnel offers several benefits to companies, not the least of which is a 23% increase in revenue.

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