tvScientific Launches CTV Performance Advertising Solution for Games

tvScientific Launches CTV Performance Advertising Solution for Games - More than 1 million installs already delivered at an average CPI of $1.90.

More than 1 million installs already delivered at an average Cost Per Install of $1.90, Day-7 Return On Ad Spend of 1.25X


tvScientific (, the first performance advertising platform built for the connected TV (CTV), announced today the launch of the company’s CTV performance advertising solution for the games industry. By making tvScientific’s sophisticated buying, measurement, and attribution solutions available to game publishers and developers, the company’s CTV ad platform combines the reach and engagement of television advertising with the performance, traceability, and cost-effectiveness of digital marketing. The platform has already driven more than 1 million game installs during beta testing, at an average Cost Per Install (CPI) rate of $1.90 and an average Day-7 Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) of 1.25X.

tvScientific provides access to premium CTV inventory directly from the source and bypasses unnecessary technology layers to deliver the highest value to game marketers. tvScientific reaches 95% of advertising-based video on demand (AVOD) streaming apps with direct deals, providing unique access to curated inventory at massive scale. Through tvScientific's proprietary, patent-pending CTV attribution platform, game publishers can now match CTV ad exposure to site visitations and outcomes through a direct 1:1 deterministic ID match, without relying on extrapolations from small panels or samples.

The end result is highly targeted app install ads that can be optimized through tvScientific's proprietary automatic optimization technology to help game publishers achieve their user acquisition goals, all while giving advertisers radical transparency and complete control over their data, including access to log-level events, so that their data science teams can connect the dots between ad exposure and game activations. tvScientific offers fully managed services but also makes its technology available as a self-serve platform so marketers can bring performance TV buying in-house at any time.

The company worked with 15 inaugural game developers partners to develop the platform, including AppLovin, Big Fish Games, Rec Room, Wildlife Studios, and others. In beta testing, the platform’s volume of installs grew more than 80% month-over-month for three months and delivered a ROAS that was on par with if not better than the advertisers’ results on social media and search marketing channels.

“We have always wanted to advertise to television audiences because it gives us tremendous reach and allows us to drive brand affinity for our games, but until now we’ve had a difficult time quantifying the effectiveness of the channel,” said Jerome Turnbull, VP, Growth of AppLovin. “tvScientific gives us the ability to run our video ads across some of the best CTV inventory, while measuring performance and optimizing our campaigns in the same way we optimize in-app, social, or search campaigns.”

“We believe that CTV advertising represents the next frontier for game marketing,” said Kent Wakeford, co-founder of tvScientific and former COO of Kabam. “We set out to take all of the guesswork and complexity out of CTV advertising by providing an extremely simple — yet incredibly powerful — platform that lets game marketers reach television audiences with precision and efficiency. As a result, we have transformed TV into a scalable marketing channel that delivers clear, measurable ROI to support the user acquisition goals of game marketers everywhere.”

About tvScientific
tvScientific is the first performance advertising platform built for connected TV. The tvScientific platform combines the power of television and the precision of digital marketing to deliver measurable impact for any business that requires a person to make a purchase or take an action. tvScientific offers a self-managed solution for performance marketers, making test-and-learn agility possible in the TV space. The platform uses proprietary, deterministic ID technology to segment and target consumer audiences at scale, while its dashboard gives marketers access to real-time reporting, including pinpoint-accurate attribution and ROAS calculations. An Idealab company, tvScientific was co-founded by senior executives with deep roots in programmatic advertising, digital media, and ad verification. The company is headquartered in Pasadena, California. For more information, visit

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