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3 Gaming and Mobile App User Acquisition Platforms That Belong on Your Shortlist

Jun 28, 2023
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Looking to acquire more users? Check out these top user acquisition platforms to help you reach your target audience and grow your business.

Optimize campaign performance, target core demographics, and maximize ROAS with these effective UA tools

Games and mobile apps need to grow to survive, but growth without purpose wastes time, energy, and advertising dollars. You want to ensure that your user acquisition (UA) efforts are intentional so you only pick up high-value users while minimizing ad spend on users unlikely to convert. 

This is why finding a user acquisition platform is crucial. They can help you target audiences based on set criteria, sift through data to make incremental adjustments, and diversify your efforts across organic and paid advertising methods. Choosing the right user acquisition platform comes down to a variety of factors, such as what gaming or mobile app you’re offering and what you’re looking to get out of the user that you acquire. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best options available to help you find a service that best suits your needs.

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3 Best User Acquisition Platforms

Best Overall: tvScientific

Connected TV (CTV) is rapidly becoming a premiere destination channel for user acquisition. When nearly 90% of U.S. households have a device capable of streaming ad-supported TV content, it’s easy to see why. CTV combines robust performance marketing tools with the attention-grabbing creative that linear TV is known for — and tvScientific is one of the best user acquisition companies for reaching this massive, captive audience.

Made for: Products, services, and mobile apps of any industry.


  • Brand-safe inventory: tvScientific offers access to a private marketplace full of vetted advertisers and programming channels, so you can take solace knowing that your ad is in good hands.
  • Powerful targeting tools: Whether you’re looking to acquire a specific audience or want to test the waters by branching out into new demographics, tvScientific allows you to target ads based on household size, salary, interest, and much more.
  • Multi-touch attribution: You might acquire users once they watch your ad or acquire them further along the customer journey. tvScientific unlocks robust multi-touch attribution capabilities so you can determine where your users are converting and how your CTV campaigns contribute to your overall media mix.
  • Performance marketing capabilities pairs with high-quality creative: As consumers watch their favorite programs, they remain engaged with the ads that surround them — and on CTV, ads have up to a 95% completion rate. tvScientific combines this level of reach and engagement with performance marketing tools typically reserved for mobile marketing, such as automated ad placement, A/B testing, retargeting, and more.

Clients include: AppLovin, Big Fish, Experian, and Omaze.

CTV offers transparency, real-time feedback, and audience targeting that rivals other growth marketing channels — and tvScientific can help you get the most out of it.

Download our free playbook today to discover how CTV can help you unlock the full potential of your user acquisition efforts on mobile:

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Best for Maximizing Lifetime Value (LTV): Mistplay

User acquisition is about more than just getting people into your app — you have to be able to keep them there once you’ve acquired them. Mistplay can help: It’s a unique loyalty-building program for mobile games designed to pull in high-value members of your target audience and keep them engaged, ultimately maximizing the results of your user acquisition efforts. 

Made for: Android-based mobile games.


  • AI-powered recommendation system: The more users download and play games through Mistplay, the more the system learns about which games they’re most likely to enjoy. Mistplay then makes recommendations and scales rewards based on those player preferences.
  • Loyalty system rewards repeat visits and IAP: The more users spend time with your app, the more likely they will stick with it and spend money. Mistplay rewards these behaviors with its own loyalty point system, granting bonuses as players put time and money into their favorite games.
  • Players unlock real-world rewards: Players can redeem points they earn on gift cards for retailers like Amazon and eBay, giving even more reasons to install and spend time with apps they come across.

Clients include: Kolibri, Plarium, Playtika, and Socialpoint.

Best for App Store Optimization: Gummicube

Organic installs are the most reliable for maximizing retention and LTV but are also the most difficult to acquire. And as most organic installs come directly through searches on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store, optimizing your app store listing is crucial. Both stores utilize a combination of install tracking and search engine optimization (SEO) to list apps — and the higher you rank in search results, the more likely potential users are to download your app. That’s where Gummicube shines; it is one of the best user acquisition services offering proprietary App Store Optimization technologies to improve rankings and maximize installs.

Best for: Mobile apps looking to improve their presence within iOS and Android app stores.


  • Detailed, real-time insights into app store performance: Gummicube’s machine learning platform examines iOS and Android app stores and provides detailed information on where marketers can improve their app store listings. Optimize for keyword rankings, track conversions, and discover how other apps do the same.
  • Built-in testing tools: Perform A/B testing on creative design, keywords, and more through Gummicube’s platform without changing your current store listing. Plus, you can drive paid traffic to your test listings to see which option maximizes your UA spend.

Clients include: Gameloft, Grubhub, Linkedin, and Microsoft.

Streamline User Acquisition Through CTV With tvScientific

With massive reach and an impressive impact on brand recall, CTV has become a premiere destination for growth marketers looking to boost their user acquisition strategies. tvScientific can help you leverage this attention-grabbing platform even further with its unique performance marketing platform. Partner with major CTV brands like NBC Universal, Hulu, and Tubi, access up to 15k unique targeting segments, and get real-time results mid-campaign so you can further optimize conversion rates. 

Want to learn more about how CTV can uplevel your UA efforts? Contact us today for a free demonstration.