2024 tvScientific Performance Report

Explore the significance of measuring outcomes with Performance TV, how CTV is becoming a performance powerhouse, and the nuances to keep in mind as you develop your media plan.

Connected TV (CTV) has become a top advertising channel, providing unmatched engagement through its combination of sight, sound, and motion in a brand-safe format.

Performance TV now allows advertisers to deliver targeted ads across premium inventory while measuring impact through outcomes like ROAS, sales, and conversions. tvScientific helps advertisers achieve their specific goals, whether it’s cost-per-booking for airlines or cost-per-install for mobile apps.

Download this report to learn how Performance TV can deliver:

  • Unmatched Engagement: CTV combines sight, sound, and motion in a non-skippable format, offering unparalleled engagement for advertisers.
  • Outcome Measurement: Performance TV enables targeted ads with measurable outcomes such as ROAS, sales, and conversions.
  • Goal-Oriented Advertising: tvScientific helps tailor strategies to meet specific advertiser goals, from cost-per-booking to regional sales impact.

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