September 2023 News: Apple TV Losing Pace, TikTok Shop Launches & More

Sep 30, 2023
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Fall is upon us, and you don’t have to be Mr. Autumn Man to make the most of the changing seasons. There have already been ample changes in the CTV advertising landscape and marketing as a whole, and now’s the perfect time to make sure your business is poised to capitalize on them before peak season arrives in November and December. That’s why we’ve prepared this primer on the latest industry happenings and trends, including shifting market share for CTV devices, important demographic distinctions, the uneven way C-Suites are adopting AI, and beyond. Let’s get started.


CTV Insights


Pixalate Introduces Apple TV CTV Trends Report: Apple TV's Estimated Global CTV Device Market Share Drops to 4% in Q2 2023

A new report from Pixalate finds that Apple TV’s position in the CTV device landscape may be dropping fast. According to the study, Apple TV devices only made up 4% of the market this year, compared to 9% last year. Roku was cited as leading the pack with 45% of device share, followed by Samsung at 20% and Amazon at 9%.

Publica by IAS and Samsung Ads Expand CTV Ad Serving Partnership

MarTech Series

An expanded global partnership between IAS’ Publica and Samsung Ads means access to enhanced advertising solutions for leading brands. Using Publica products allows Samsung Ads to guarantee advertisers get first pod placement within advertising breaks, run controlled and unified auctions, and optimize each ad slot by revenue per second.

U.S. Hispanic Streaming Audience Data Insights: Spanish-only vs. Bilingual Speakers

App Science

Hispanic audiences are an important demographic for advertisers in the U.S., but they aren’t a monolith. One example: App Science’s new infographic reveals that, among U.S. Hispanic streaming audiences, speakers of both English and Spanish are 2.4 times more likely to have Crunchyroll, while those who only speak Spanish are 2.8 times more likely to have

Marketing Insights


TikTok Shop Launches in US

Marketing Dive

As Google revises its own approach to advertising privacy and measurement in a post-IDFA world, the company has shared a new marketing playbook. It’s targeted toward addressing consumer privacy expectations as well as impending regulations, and it points to first-party data as a key new way to build relationships.

CMOs More Likely to be Responsible for AI, Less Likely to Understand It


Marketing executives may be some of the first C-suite employees to recognize the potential of AI to bolster their work, but they’re also unlikely to say they have a high-level understanding of it. This comes from a new report that found CEOs and CMOs are the most likely roles to own or partially own AI adoption and integration within marketing businesses.

iHeartMedia and Malcolm Gladwell’s Pushkin Industries Reveal Growing Consumer-Marketer Disconnect in Landmark Report


Marketers should reset and realign to ensure they’re in line with the American public, according to a study that finds a growing divide between the two groups’ habits. For instance, it’s twice as hard for marketers to give up social media platforms as it is for consumers, and marketers are four times more likely than consumers to drive electric vehicles.

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