Connected TV in 2023 and Beyond

We’re co-hosting a webinar with a panel of industry experts to discuss CTV advertising best practices, industry trends, and the findings of the CTV...


CTV Advertising is Evolving

Our CEO and Co-founder, Jason Fairchild, gives insight into the future of CTV advertising and its relationship with the paid search model.


Your Guide to OTT & CTV Advertising

Surveys from 500 marketing execs reveal new insights into the opportunities, benefits and challenges of OTT & CTV channels.


The Complete Video Game Ads Playbook

Want your video game ads to cut through the noise? These best practices will help you stand out in a crowded market.


What Is Growth Marketing? An A to Z Guide

Growth marketing is the data-driven practice that consistently drives ROAS for brands. Learn more about how it fits into a complete marketing...


How to Test OTT Without Blowing Your Budget

OTT advertising success requires a sophisticated approach to testing, but even a modest investment can yield powerful results. Here’s how.


TV Advertising Versus Social and Search

Today’s marketers confront a question that has tortured advertisers since the dawn of TV in the 1950s: Is TV an effective medium to drive consumer...

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